Spring 2007: What’s New in QuickBase

Improved UI
Enhanced Timelines
New Formula Editor
Enhanced Summary Reporting
Custom Help Documentation

Improved UI

QuickBase has received a facelift, starting with changes to the look of the My QuickBase page.  In addition, when you open your applications, you’ll notice significant enhancements to the application user interface.  These changes are based on usability testing and customer feedback and are designed to make QuickBase easier to customize and use. Below is a partial list of the changes:

  • The color scheme has been updated, the menus have been reorganized and icons have been added to make it easier to navigate. 
  • The customization menus have been consolidated and around Tables.   Now you can easily view and modify all table-related objects, such as properties, fields, reports, relationships and emails on one single page.

To use this feature: Select Customize...Fields from any table menu. 

  • The My QuickBase, Sign Out and Help links have moved to the menu bar to improve banner customization.  In addition, if you click on your user name your Role is displayed.
  • You can further customize the user interface per Role by hiding any of the menu items in the top menu bar.

On the My QuickBase page we added a menu bar to the Applications section of the My QuickBase page.  The menu bar includes:

  • A New button to select a new application. 
  • A View button to switch between a detailed list or the new icon-based view of your applications.
  • Use Show to determine which applications you’d like to appear in the My QuickBase page.  This is useful if you have lots of applications and use categories to organize them.
  • The Tools menu includes choices to search for an application or clear new and updated flags.

Enhanced Timelines

Significant improvements have been added to Timeline reports including:

  • Milestone Support

You can now add milestones to your timelines. To add milestones to your applications, add a new field to your table, usually a checkbox field, and edit the default timeline properties to select the milestone checkbox in the Milestone field.  Finally, you simply check the milestone checkbox on the task record and the task will be displayed as a milestone on any Timeline report your create. 

  • Timeline Resolution options

Because projects can vary in length from several weeks to several years, we have added more resolution options in timeline reports.  You can now choose the display of your timelines as Week/Day, Month /Week, Quarter/Month, Year/Month and Year/Quarter.  In addition, you can specify the start of the year to display timelines based on a fiscal or annual calendar.

  • Additional Columns to Display

You can specify additional columns to display so you can see more of the relevant data with your timelines.  For example, you can display the task name, task owner and the % complete of each task in the columns to the left of your timeline reports. 

  • Sorting and Grouping on Timelines

You can also define sorting and grouping of timelines.  This allows you to group your data by project, phase or sequentially based on date. 

New Formula Editor

The new interactive formula editor makes formulas easier to create.  The editor guides you through the insertion of QuickBase functions and field references making it easy for anyone to create formulas in QuickBase.  We’ve also improved the error messages to help you troubleshoot your formulas. The enhanced formula builder has also been added to custom columns and row colorization. 

Plus, you can also define formulas fields to be unique. This helps ensure that you don’t duplicate data in your applications.  For example, you’ll  can create a formula that combines first name, last name and company name and then you can mark that formula field so that it must be unique. 

Enhanced Summary Reporting

We’ve merged the summary and cross tab reports into one report type.  In addition, we have added the ability to specify how the data will be displayed.  For example you can now change your summary report to display data as a % of row, % of column, % of total or Running totals across rows or down columns.

Custom Help Documentation

It is now possible to write your own application “guides” that your end users can access through the standard QuickBase Help menu. You can even post multiple guides per application. 

To use this feature: Create a new “document” page by selecting CustomizeApplication. Click Create a new page in the Pages tab and select Create a new document.  Use the built in editor to create your document.  Next click on the Settings tab and click Guides. Enter the title of your guide to define the text that will appear in the Help menu, choose the appropriate QuickBase page and a description if desired.

Your Feedback

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All of the above features are available only for QuickBase for Corporate Workgroups and QuickBase for Corporations.

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