Image title
24x24transparent 24x24transparent.png
A No Photo Example nophoto.png
ABC Project Manager 4 in 1 adminsection2.png
Add User 281-user_add.png
Adobe 144-adobe.png
Alarm Clock 170-alarm_clock.png
Black Bar 825-check_black.png
Black Diamond - Difficult 16blackdiamond.png
Blue Bar 822-check_blue.png
Blue Diamond 236-rhomb_blue.png
Blue Enable Checkbox 206-enable.png
Blue Gears 012-options.png
Blue Information 203-info.png
Blue Question 210-help.png
Blue Round Button 224-point_blue.png
Blue Square - More Difficult 16bluesquare.png
Blue Square Button 230-rect_blue.png
Blue Table 757-table_1.png
Blue Triangle 242-triang_blue.png
Blue View Magnifying Glass 014-view.png
Busy Bee busybee2.jpg
Camera 114-camera.png
CD 004-cd.png
Check All 211-check_all.png
Clock 049-clock.png
Color Pallet 501-palette.png
Company 508-company.png
Copy Page on Page 011-copy.png
Excel 142-excel.png
Find 087-find.png
Folder 003-folder.png
Graph 108-graph.png
Gray Close X 832-close.png
Gray Diamond 232-rhomb_gray.png
Gray Round Button 220-point_gray.png
Gray Square Button 226-rect_gray.png
Gray Triangle 238-triang_gray.png
Green Bar 824-check_green.png
Green Circle - Easy 16greencircle.png
Green Diamond 234-rhomb_green.png
Green Down Arrow 402-down.png
Green Execute 741-execute.png
Green Left Arrow 401-left.png
Green Left Right Arrows 408-left_right.png
Green Music 002-music.png
Green Pen 005-pen_1.png
Green Plus 200-add.png
Green Right Arrow 400-right.png
Green Round Button 222-point_green.png
Green Square Button 228-rect_green.png
Green Table 757-table_2.png
Green Triangle 240-triang_green.png
Green Up Arrow 403-up.png
Green Up Down Arrows 409-up_down.png
Home 073-home.png
John Hancock Signature johnhancock.gif
Link 128-link.png
Mailbox Empty 165-mailbox_empty.png
Mailbox Full 164-mailbox_letter.png
Monitor 013-monitor.png
Outlook 2007 outlook200716x16.png
Paste 009-paste.png
Pink X Delete 202-delete_2.png
PowerPoint 145-powerpoint.png
Printer 058-printer.png
Purple Bar 821-check_purple.png
Red Bar 820-check_red.png
Red Build 739-build.png
Red Diamond 233-rhomb_red.png
Red Disable 205-disable.png
Red Heart 006-favorite.png
Red Round Button 221-point_red.png
Red Square Button 227-rect_red.png
Red Table 757-table.png
Red Triangle 239-triang_red.png
Red X Delete 202-delete.png
Redo 048-redo.png
Reusable 412-reusable.png
Save 015-save_0.png
Scissors Cut 010-cut_0.png
Single User 280-user_0.png
Skype Graphic skypecallicon.jpeg
Undo 047-undo.png
User Group 285-user_group.png
Violet Diamond 237-rhomb_violet.png
Violet Round Button 225-point_violet.png
Violet Square Button 231-rect_violet.png
Violet Triangle 243-triang_violet.png
Warning 204-warning.png
Web Globe 300-web.png
Word 143-word.png
Yellow Bar 825-check_yellow.png
Yellow Diamond 235-rhomb_yellow.png
Yellow Hand 506-hand.png
Yellow Message 081-message.png
Yellow Minus 201-minus.png
Yellow Pen 005-pen_0.png
Yellow Round Button 223-point_yellow.png
Yellow Square Button 229-rect_yellow.png
Yellow Star 007-star.png
Yellow Thunderbolt 214-thunderbolt.png
Yellow Triangle 241-triang_yellow.png
Yellow Warning 213-warning2.png
Yellow X Delete 202-delete_1.png

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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quick Base often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quick Base finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quick Base needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

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