What's New in the QuickBase Application Library

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  • Bookmark your favorite apps
    We have found that a number of users are installing the same app multiple times or using the library as the repository for their own company's apps. These are both great uses of the library. In order to help this, we have added a bookmark feature where a user can bookmark a favorite app and then view under Manage My Bookmarks all of their favorite apps.


  • New application types
    In order to help our users more easily find applications, we have changed the types. We still have Premier Applications and Sample Applications that serve as ready-to-use solutions. We have added an Example Application type which are as-is applications primarily submitted by Intuit users that have not been generalized. Therefore, they are better used as a source of ideas on how to generate custom applications. We have also added a Tutorial type to designate applications that demonstrate advanced features.


  • Request an application to be built
    If you can't find the application that is right for you. You can submit a new request for one to be built. Other users can then view your request and vote on whether they need a similar application too. This will help us determine which new applications should be built.
  • What's Tracked added to applications
    We have made the data that is tracked in each application more visible in the What's Tracked column for each application. Now, you do not need to open the View Properties to see the tables although this option is still available. We hope this will help you find the right application for you quicker.
  • New home page
    We've redesigned the home page to make it more streamlined and easier to view without scrolling.


  • New installation process
    Now, when you click on the Get App button for an application, the library will automatically make a copy of that application and open it in a new window. Remember you can always delete the application under Go To | Miscellaneous.
  • Easier method to rate applications
    To the right, you can now access a list of applications you have installed. In that view, you can easily rate all of those applications by simply selecting a 0-10 rating. You can still add ratings to other applications as well on their details page.

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