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A Token For Children TOKEN BOOKS Official 0.155 11-22-1999 English token.exe al04001.htm       A book narrating the testimonies of dying children. Children
Albanian Bible (1991) ALB TRANS Official 2.4   Albanian alb.exe            
Alger, Horatio - Cast Upon the Breakers ALGCUB BOOKS User 0.255 02-22-2000 English algcub.exe al04001.htm Spillman, Ernie     Children
Alger, Horatio - Frank's Campaign FRANK BOOKS User 0.215 02-22-2000 English frank.exe al04001.htm Spillman, Ernie     Children
Alger, Horatio - Phil the Fiddler PHIL BOOKS User 0.215 02-16-2000 English phil.exe al04001.htm Spillman, Ernie     Children
American King James Version AKJV TRANS User 2.4 12-04-2000 English akjv.exe   Little, Chris   akj.htm    
American Standard Version (1901) ASV TRANS Official 1.76 06-09-2000 English asv.exe asv1901.htm          
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary AMTRACT DICT User 0.883 02-19-2001 English amtract.exe index.php Spillman, Ernie; Brandon; Mezera, Jeff; Etc.      
Answers Book, the ANSWERS BOOKS Official 4.72 12-13-1999 English answers.exe aig_resources.asp Ham, Ken     During Ken Ham's 25 years of ministry, he has found that people everywhere ask the same challenging questions. These perceived "difficulties to the Christian faith" are answered clearly in this book, making it a must for Christians of all ages! Creationism
Arabic Bible for Arabic Windows ARABIC TRANS Official 1.5   Arabic arabic.exe            
Authorized King James Version (1769) AV TRANS Official 2.5   English av.exe av.htm     av.txt    
Barnes Notes on the New Testament BARNES COMM Official 5.2 11-22-1999 English barnes.exe i.htm          
Baxter, Richard - Sermons SRB BOOKS User 0.283 05-18-2000 English srb.exe Baxter.html Gallant, Gary     Sermons
Ben Asher Hebrew Text BHS TRANS Official 1.1 05-30-2000 Hebrew bhs.exe         Biblia Hebraica Kittel/Stuttgartensia consonantal texts in normal(BHS) format.  
Ben Asher morphological Hebrew Text BHM TRANS Official 1.1 05-30-2000 Hebrew bhm.exe         Biblia Hebraica Kittel/Stuttgartensia consonantal texts in morphologically separated (BHM) format.  
Bengel's commentaries BENGEL COMM User 0.006   English bengel.exe   Lambert, Bruce   This set is not complete, only the notes on Philemon are in this file.  
Bible in Basic English (1965) BBE TRANS Official 1.5 11-14-1999 English bbe.exe bbe.html     bbe.txt The Bible in Basic English was printed in 1965 by Cambridge press in England.  
Bible Maps from the web site BIBMAPS MAPS User 1.31 08-18-2000 English bibmaps.exe index.html Porter, Mick   Permission gracously granted by Mr Steve Rudd.  
Bible Talks In Simple Language (Beta) BTISL BOOKS User 0.357 11-29-2000 English btisl.exe         This modules will eventually have photos. Children
Bunyan, John - A Few Sighs From Hell SIGHS BOOKS User 0.29 02-10-2001 English sighs.exe bun-sighs.rtf         Theology
Bunyan, John - Grace Abounding GRACE BOOKS Official 0.214 11-22-1999 English grace.exe grace.htm       Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. Theology
Bunyan, John - Pilgrim's Progress PILGRIM BOOKS Official 0.333 11-22-1999 English pilgrim.exe title.html       An allegory about a traveler with a burden on his back. Fiction
Bunyan, John - The Holy War HOLYWAR BOOKS Official 0.34 11-22-1999 English holywar.exe holy_war.html         Fiction
Burkett, James - NT Bible notes BURKETT COMM User 2.3 09-12-2000 English burkett.exe   Spillman, Ernie      
Byzantine Greek Majority Textform (1991) BYZ TRANS Official 0.97 05-30-2000 Greek byz.exe   Robinson, Maurice A., Ph.D.    byz.txt Byzantine/Majority Textform Keyed to Strongs and Fully Parsed  
Calvin's Commentaries CALVIN COMM Official 3.7 11-22-1999 English calvin.exe index.html       Commentary set is not complete.  
Chesterton, G. K. - Orthdoxy GKC_OR BOOKS User 0.257 12-13-1999 English gkc_or.exe orthodoxy.html Dixon, Jonathan     Theology
Chesterton, G. K. - What's Wrong with the World GKC_WHAT BOOKS User 0.13 09-14-1999 English gkc-what.exe wrongworld.txt Dixon, Jonathan     Devotional
Children's Bible Stories BIBLELND BOOKS Official 3.6 11-16-1999 English biblelnd.exe   Genesis Research Corporation     Various Bible stories with pictures. Designed for children of all ages. Children
Chinese Glory Union Bible GNPU TRANS Official 1.63   Chinese gnpu.exe         Requires Chinese Windows.  
Chrysostom's Homilies CHRYSOST COMM User 0.024 10-30-1999 English chrysost.exe index.html Lambert, Bruce      
Clarke, Adam - Clavis Biblica CLAVIS COMM User 0.066 09-12-2000 English clavis.exe clavis.htm Spillman, Ernie      
Danish Bible DANSK TRANS Official 1.4   Danish dansk.exe            
Darby Translation (1884/1890) DBY TRANS Official 1.6 11-14-1999 English dby.exe darbybib.htm     dby.txt A literal translation of the Old Testament (1890) and the New Testament (1884) by John Nelson Darby.  
Darby's Notes DBYNOTES COMM User 0.794   English dbynotes.exe DarbyTranslation.html Childs, Martin      
Dionysius' Exegetical Fragements DIONYS COMM User   12-13-1999 English dionys.exe index.html Dixon, Jonathan      
Douay Rheims American Version (1899) DOUAY TRANS Official 1.6 01-21-2000 English douay.exe index.html          
Douey Rheims Apocrypha (1899) DOUEYAPC TRANS Official 0.364 01-21-2000 English douayapc.exe            
Easton's Bible Dictionary  EASTON DICT Official 1.3   English easton.exe ebd.html          
Eclectic Notes ENT COMM Official 3.8 08-15-2000 English ent.exe   Greenhalgh, John (Compilor)     Anthology of commentaries (Darby, Kelly, Grant and others.)  
Edersheim, A. - the Temple TEMPLE BOOKS Official 0.328 02-22-2000 English temple.exe index.html         History
Edersheim, Alfred - The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah EDER-L BOOKS User 1.9 10-30-1999 English eder-l.exe TitlePage.htm         History
Family New Testament Notes FAMILY COMM Official 0.728 11-14-1999 English family.exe            
Finney, Charles - Justification by Faith CFJUFA BOOKS User 0.115 06-04-2000 English cfjufa.exe           Theology
Finney, Charles - Lectures on Pastoral Theology CFOLPT BOOKS User 0.135 06-04-2000 English cfolpt.exe           Theology
Finney, Charles - Lectures to Professing Christians CFLPC BOOKS User 0.367 06-04-2000 English cflpc.exe Lectures.Profes.Christians.html         Devotional
Finney, Charles - Memoirs of Revival CFMREV BOOKS User 0.397 06-04-2000 English cfmrev.exe           Ministry
Finney, Charles - Power From on High CFPFOH BOOKS User 0.156 06-04-2000 English cfpfoh.exe Power.From.On.High.text.html         Devotional
Finney, Charles - Revival Fire CFFIRE BOOKS User 0.157 06-04-2000 English cffire.exe           Ministry
Finney, Charles - Revival Lectures CFRLEC BOOKS User 0.438 06-05-2000 English cfrlec.exe Revival.Lectures.html         Ministry
Finney, Charles - Series of Lectures in Outline Form CFOLEC BOOKS User 0.128 06-04-2000 English cfolec.exe           Sermons
Finney, Charles - Sermons on Gosple Themes CFSOGT BOOKS User 0.365 06-04-2000 English cfsogt.exe           Sermons
Finney, Charles - Sermons on Important Subjects CFSOIS BOOKS User 0.367 06-04-2000 English cfsois.exe           Sermons
Finney, Charles - Some Lectures CFLECT BOOKS User 0.198 06-04-2000 English cflect.exe           Sermons
Finney, Charles - Some Selected Sermons CFSSER BOOKS User 0.165 06-04-2000 English cfsser.exe           Sermons
Geneva Bible Footnotes (1599) GENEVA COMM Official 2.14 11-14-1999 English geneva.exe            
German Greek Lexicon (Griechisch - Deutsch Lexikon) LEXGER LEXICON Official     English lexger.exe            
Gill, John - Expositor GILL COMM Official 17 11-22-1999 English gill.exe index.html          
Greek Lexicon (English) GRKENG LEXICON Official 0.844 02-11-2000 English grkeng.exe            
Greek Septuagint Apocrypha LXXAPC TRANS Official 0.439 11-19-1999 Greek lxxapc.exe            
Greek Septuagint Version LXX TRANS Official 1.34 12-13-1999 Greek lxx.exe            
Guinness, H. Grattan - Romanism and Reformation RNR BOOKS User 0.287 05-30-2000 English rnr.exe reform.html         History
Guinness, H. Grattan - The Approaching End Of The Age (1879) AEOTA BOOKS User 0.426 05-30-2000 English aeota.exe aeota.htm         Prophecy
Guinness, Mr. & Mrs. Grattan - Light For The Last Days AEOTA2 BOOKS User 0.414 05-30-2000 English aeota2.exe light.htm         Prophecy
Ham, Ken - The Lie: Evolution THELIE BOOKS Official 1.09 01-19-2000 English thelie.exe aig_resources.asp Ham, Ken     Ken Ham is best known for his message on the relevance of creation and the importance of Genesis. Humorous and easy to read, this book powerfully equips Christians to defend the book of Genesis and opens eyes to the evil effects of evolution on today’s society. Creationism
Hebrew Lexicon (English) HEBENG LEXICON Official 1.07 02-11-2000 English hebeng.exe            
Hebrew Names Version HNV TRANS User 1.6 11-25-2000 English hnv.exe index.html Anonymous     Contains HNV NT, Psalms, Proverbs complete, the rest is filled in with 1907 ASV.  
Henry, Matthew - Complete Commentary MHC COMM Official 12 11-22-1999 English mhc.exe MHC00000.HTM          
Henry, Matthew - Concise Commentary MHCC COMM Official 1.72 11-14-1999 English mhcc.exe mhc.html          
Hillary of Poitiers - Homilies on Psalms I., LIII., CXXX HILLARY COMM User 0.026 11-13-1999 English hillary.exe index.html Dixon, Jonathan      
Hislop, A. - Definitions and Symbols from "Two Babalons" TTBDIC DICT User 0.116 04-13-2000 English ttbdic.exe   Gallant, Gary      
History of Ontario ONTH Home School Official 11.46 03-25-2000 English onth.exe         Ontario Public School History of Canada. Dated 1910.  
Hitchcock, Roswell D. - Bible Names Dictionary HCH-DICT DICT User 0.132 12-19-1999 English hch-dict.exe title.html Spillman, Ernie      
Interlinear Greek New Testament IGNT TRANS Official 1.1   Greek ignt.exe         Prepared from 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus.  
International Standard Bible Encyclpedia ISBE DICT User   12-22-2000 English isbe.exe   Little, Chris; Gallant Gary; Jeff; Etc.        
Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown JFB COMM Official 4.89 08-15-2000 English jfb.exe JFB00.htm          
Jerome's Latin Vulgate (405) VULGATE TRANS Official 1.63 05-18-2000 Latin vulgate.exe       vulgate.txt    
Jewish Publication Society (1917) JPS TRANS Official 1.6 11-22-1999 English jps.exe       jps.txt    
Johnson, B. W. - People's New Testament Commentary PNT COMM Official 1.08 11-22-1999 English pnt.exe PNT00A.HTM          
Koran Koran TRANS Official     English koran.exe       koran.html    
Latin Vulgate Apocrypha VULAPC TRANS Official 0.444 01-13-2001 Latin vulapc.exe         Jerome's 405 A.D.  
Law,  William - A Collection Of Letters On The Most Interesting And Important Subjects A_COLLE BOOKS User 0.209 08-04-2000 English a_colle.exe let.htm Porter, Mick     General
Law,  William - A Demonstration Of The Errors Of A Late Book A_DEMO BOOKS User 0.209 08-04-2000 English a_demo.exe demo.htm Porter, Mick     General
Law,  William - A Humble, Affectionate And Earnest Address To The Clergy A_HUMBL BOOKS User 0.202 08-04-2000 English a_humbl.exe addr.htm Porter, Mick     Ministry
Law,  William - A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life SERIOUS BOOKS User 0.207 08-04-2000 English serious.exe a_serious_call.html Porter, Mick     Christian Living
Law,  William - An Appeal To All Who Doubt The Truths Of The Gospel AN_APPE BOOKS User 0.19 08-04-2000 English an_appe.exe appeal.htm Porter, Mick     Theology
Law,  William - Of Justification By Faith And Works OF_JUST BOOKS User 0.209 08-04-2000 English of_just.exe just.htm Porter, Mick     Theology
Law,  William - The Grounds And Reasons Of Christian Regeneration THE_GRO BOOKS User 0.156 08-04-2000 English the_gro.exe regen.htm Porter, Mick     Theology
Law,  William - The Spirit Of Love WL_SPIR BOOKS User 0.209 08-04-2000 English wl_spir.exe index.html Porter, Mick     Christian Living
Law,  William - The Spirit Of Prayer WL_PRAY BOOKS User 0.233 08-04-2000 English wl_pray.exe index.html Porter, Mick     Prayer
Law,  William - The Way to Divine Knowlege THE_WAY BOOKS User 0.209 08-04-2000 English the_way.exe know.htm Porter, Mick     Christian Living
Leidse Vertaling (1912/1994) LEI TRANS Official     Dutch lei.exe            
Leupold, H.C., D.D. - Exposition of Genesis EXPGEN COMM Official 0.953 10-28-2000 English expgen.exe            
Lineage - Sunday School Charts LINEAGE MAPS User 1.9 04-13-2000 English lineage.exe   Spillman, Ernie      
Living Oracles Translation LO TRANS Official 0.557   English lo.exe            
Luther, Martin - Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians LUTHER COMM User 0.023   English luther.exe index.html          
Lutherese Vertaling (1750/1933/1994 ) LU TRANS Official     English lu.exe            
LXX (Septuagint) in English LXXE TRANS Official 1.4 12-13-1999 English lxxe.exe            
Maps MAPENG MAPS Official 7.1 01-08-2001 English maps.exe         Maps and Charts for Online Bible program.  
Mauro, Philip - Evolution at the Bar BAR BOOKS Official 0.175 12-13-1999 English bar.exe           Creationism
McGarvey, J. W. - A Guide To Bible Study (1897) MCG_BS BOOKS User 0.183 12-13-1999 English mcg_bs.exe GBS00A.HTM Stefanik, Ernie; Stock, Kevin     Ministry
McGarvey, J. W. - Class Notes On Sacred History MCG_CN BOOKS User 0.426 12-13-1999 English mcg_cn.exe CNSH100A.HTM Stefanik, Ernie; Stock, Kevin     Ministry
McGarvey, J. W. - Fifty-Two Bible Lessons MCG_52 BOOKS User 0.169 12-13-1999 English mcg_52.exe FBL00A.HTM Stefanik, Ernie; Stock, Kevin     Ministry
McGuffey's Eclectic Fifth Reader MCGFY5 Home School Official 5.43 03-25-2000 English mcgfy5.exe         Emphasis is placed on good articulation and increased reading skills.  
McGuffey's Eclectic Fourth Reader MCGFY4 Home School Official 5.36 03-25-2001 English mcgfy4.exe         A continuation of the Third Reader.  
McGuffey's Eclectic Primer MCGFYP Home School Official 4.13 03-25-2000 English mcgfyp.exe         McGuffey's Revised Primer for first year of school work.  
McGuffey's Eclectic Second Reader MCGFY2 Home School Official 9.52 03-25-2000 English mcgfy2.exe         This Reader is a continuation and extension of that pursued in the First Reader.  
McGuffey's Eclectic Sixth Reader MCGFY6 Home School Official 1.51 03-25-2000 English mcgfy6.exe         In making up the selections for reading of the Sixth Reader, great care and deliberation have been exercised in the choice of material.  
McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader MCGFY3 Home School Official 9.18 03-25-2000 English mcgfy3.exe         Emphasis is placed on proper articulation and punctuation.  
McGuffey's Electic First Reader MCGFY1 Home School Official 5.86 03-25-2000 English mcgfy1.exe            
Misc. Bible Maps MISCMP MAPS User 7.4 02-22-2000 English miscmp.exe            
Modern Greek MGREEK TRANS Official 2.04 01-21-2000 Greek mgreek.exe            
Modern Greek Unaccented MGREEKU TRANS Official 1.96 01-21-2000 Greek mgreeku.exe            
Montgomery's New Testament MONTNT TRANS User 0.663 11-12-2000 English montnt.exe            
Morris, Dr. Henry - The Young Earth YNGEARTH BOOKS Official 6.1 01-19-2000 English yngearth.exe aig_resources.asp Morris, Dr. John D.     Dr. John Morris, a geologist, explains in easy-to-understand terms how true science supports a young Earth. Creationism
Murray, Andrew - Absolute Surrender ASAM BOOKS User 0.193 01-07-2000 English asam.exe TOC.htm Gallant, Gary     Christian Living
Murray, Andrew - The Deeper Christian Life MUR_DE BOOKS User 0.193 12-13-1999 English mur_de.exe deeper_life.htm Stefanik, Ernie; Stock, Kevin     Christian Living
Murray, Andrew - The School of Obedience SOAM BOOKS User 0.147 10-30-1999 English soam.exe TOC.htm Gallant, Gary     Christian Living
Murray, Andrew - The Two Covenants TCAM BOOKS User 0.182 04-11-2000 English tcam.exe i.htm Gallant, Gary     General
Murray, Andrew - True Vine, Meditations on John 15:1-16 MUR_TV BOOKS User 0.147 12-13-1999 English mur_tv.exe vine.htm Stefanik, Ernie; Stock, Kevin     Devotional
Murray, Andrew - Working for God WFGAM BOOKS User 0.193 09-21-2000 English wfgam.exe i.htm Gallant, Gary     Ministry
Naves Topical Bible NAVES DICT User 0.831   English naves.exe index.html Dixon, Jonathan; Lambert, Bruce.      
New American Standard Cross References NASXREF COMM Official 0.578 11-16-1999 English nasxrefs.exe            
Newell's Romans Verse by Verse NEWELL COMM Official 0.589 11-11-2000 English newell.exe   Spillman, Ernie        
Newton, Sir Isaac - Daniel and Revelations (Beta) ISAACNC COMM User 0.202 10-25-2000 English isaacnc.exe   Mezera, Jeff      
Ontario Fifth School Reader ONT5 Home School Official 5.55 03-25-2000 English ont5.exe         Dated December 1869.  
Ontario Fifth School Reader (Gage) ONT5G Home School Official 6.91 03-25-2000 English ont5g.exe         W.J. Gage & Co’s Educational Series Canadian Readers book V. Dated 1883.  
Ontario First School Reader ONT1 Home School Official 4.22 03-25-2000 English ont1.exe         The Ontario Readers First Book. Entered, according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year 1923, in the office of the Minister of Trade and Commerce, by the Minister of Education For Ontario.  
Ontario Fourth School Reader ONT4 Home School Official 1.53 03-25-2000 English ont4.exe         Dated May 1909.  
Ontario Primer School Reader ONTP Home School Official 6.99 03-25-2000 English ontp.exe         Primer reading book. Published in 1920.  
Ontario Second School Reader ONT2 Home School Official 5.62 03-25-2000 English ont2.exe         Dated May 1909.  
Ontario Third School Reader ONT3 Home School Official 1.58 03-25-2000 English ont3.exe         Dated May 1909.  
Original Strong's Lexicon STRONGS LEXICON Official 1.25 11-16-1999 English strongs.exe            
Owen, John - A Vindication of Some Passages OWENVP BOOKS User 0.163 04-11-2000 English owenvp.exe index.html         Theology
Owen, John - Cases of Conscience Resolved OWENCCR BOOKS User 0.106 04-11-2000 English owenccr.exe           Christian Living
Owen, John - Christologia CHRISTOL BOOKS User 0.362 04-11-2000 English christol.exe christol.htm         Theology
Owen, John - Communion with God OWCOM BOOKS User 0.342 04-11-2000 English owcom.exe index.html         Christian Living
Owen, John - Duty of a Pastor OWENDP BOOKS User 0.106 04-11-2000 English owendp.exe           Ministry
Owen, John - Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect JOEVIDEN BOOKS User 0.154 04-11-2000 English joeviden.exe faith.txt         Theology
Owen, John - Gospel Charity OWENGC BOOKS User 0.111 04-11-2000 English owengc.exe           Theology
Owen, John - Justification by Faith OWENJUS BOOKS User 0.501 04-11-2000 English owenjus.exe justification.txt         Theology
Owen, John - Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ OWGCH BOOKS User 0.287 04-11-2000 English owgch.exe           Sermons
Owen, John - Mortification of sin in Believers OWMOSB BOOKS User 0.187 04-11-2000 English owmosb.exe home.html         Theology
Owen, John - Of Temptation OWTEMP BOOKS User 0.163 04-11-2000 English owtemp.exe home.html         Christian Living
Owen, John - Psalm 130 OWENPL13 BOOKS User 0.363 04-11-2000 English owenps13.exe           Devotional
Owen, John - Remarriage after Divorce OWENRAC BOOKS User 0.103 04-11-2000 English owenrac.exe           Christian Living
Owen, John - Sermons OWSERM BOOKS User 0.113 04-11-2000 English owserm.exe           Sermons
Owen, John - The Enticement of Indwelling Sin OWEIS BOOKS User 0.118 04-11-2000 English oweis.exe           Theology
Owen, John - The Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity OWEN BOOKS User 0.183 04-11-2000 English owen.exe trinity.txt         Theology
Owen, John - Two Short Catechisms OWENTSC BOOKS User 0.13 04-11-2000 English owentsc.exe index.html         Sermons
Owen, John - Worship of God OWENWOR BOOKS User 0.181 04-11-2000 English owenwor.exe worship.txt         Worship
Oxford Apocrypha (1769) APC TRANS Official 0.437 01-21-2000 English apc.exe            
Parker, Dr. Gary - Creation: Facts of Life FACTS BOOKS Official 1.58 12-13-1999 English facts.exe aig_resources.asp       Dr. Parker, a leading creation scientist and AiG speaker, presents the classic arguments for evolution used in public schools, universities, and the media, and refutes them in an entertaining and easy-to-read style. Creationism
Pink, A. W. - An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount SERMON BOOKS User 0.5 01-04-2001 English sermon.exe sermon.htm Spillman, Ernie     Commentary / Exposition
Pink, A. W. - Anti-Christ ANTICHRI BOOKS User 0.287 04-11-2000 English antichri.exe antichrist.htm Spillman, Ernie     Prophecy
Pink, A. W. - Articles on Dispensationalism DISPEN BOOKS User 0.136 08-13-2000 English dispen.exe dispensationalism.htm Spillman, Ernie     Prophecy
Pink, A. W. - Divine Healing: is it Scriptural? HEALING BOOKS User 0.144 10-28-2000 English healing.exe healing.htm Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - Eternal Punishment PUNISH BOOKS User 0.132 09-14-2000 English punish.exe epunishment.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - Eternal Security PERSEV BOOKS User 0.136 08-13-2000 English persev.exe security.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - Gleanings from Paul PAUL BOOKS User 0.448 08-14-2000 English paul.exe paul.htm Spillman, Ernie     Commentary / Exposition
Pink, A. W. - Gleanings In The Godhead GODHEAD BOOKS User 0.338 01-26-2001 English godhead.exe godhead.htm Spillman, Ernie     Commentary / Exposition
Pink, A. W. - Interpretation Of The Scriptures INTERPR BOOKS User 0.3 05-18-2000 English interpr.exe interpretation.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - Profiting from the Word of God PROFIT BOOKS User 0.161 03-09-2001 English profit.exe profiting.htm Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - Regeneration Or The New Birth REGEN BOOKS User 0.069 07-28-2000 English regen.exe regeneration.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - Saving Faith FAITH BOOKS Official 0.181 12-13-1999 English faith.exe           Theology
Pink, A. W. - Sovereignty of God SOVGOD BOOKS Official 0.255 12-13-1999 English sovgod.exe           Theology
Pink, A. W. - Spiritual Growth GROWTH BOOKS User 0.3 05-18-2000 English growth.exe growth.htm Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - The Beatitudes BEATITU BOOKS User 0.154 09-16-2000 English beatitu.exe beatitudes.htm Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - The Christian Sabbath SABBATH BOOKS User 0.289 09-20-2000 English sabbath.exe   Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - The Divine Inspiration of the Bible DIVINE BOOKS User 0.108 03-15-2001 English divine.exe Inspiration.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Doctrine of Election PDOE BOOKS User 0.286 09-20-2000 English pdoe.exe election.htm Weaver, John       Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Doctrine Of Justification JUSTIF BOOKS User 0.18 09-04-2000 English justif.exe justification.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Doctrine of Revelation DEREVEL BOOKS User 0.38 01-26-2001 English derevel.exe revelation.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Doctrine Of Sanctification SANTIFY BOOKS User 0.2 01-04-2001 English sanctify.exe sanctification.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Holy Spirit HOLYSP BOOKS User 0.269 03-20-2001 English holysp.exe holy_spirit.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Law and the Saint LAW BOOKS User 0.3 05-18-2000 English law.exe law.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - The Lord's Prayer LPRAYER BOOKS User 0.114 12-16-2000 English lprayer.exe lords_prayer.htm Spillman, Ernie     Prayer
Pink, A. W. - The Redeemer's Return RRETURN BOOKS User 0.116 05-18-2000 English rreturn.exe return.htm Spillman, Ernie     Prophecy
Pink, A. W. - The Ten Commandments 10COMMAN BOOKS User 0.136 01-01-2001 English 10comman.exe commandments.htm Spillman, Ernie     Commentary / Exposition
Pink, A. W. - The Total Depravity of Man PTDM BOOKS User 0.289 08-11-2000 English ptdm.exe depravity.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. - Tithing PTITHE BOOKS User 0.136 07-28-2000 English ptithe.exe tithing.htm Spillman, Ernie     Christian Living
Pink, A. W. - Why Four Gospels WHY4 BOOKS User 0.116 05-18-2000 English why4.exe 4_gospels.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. -The Attributes of God ATTRIBUT BOOKS User 0.136 02-26-2001 English attribut.exe attributes.htm Spillman, Ernie     Theology
Pink, A. W. -The Prophetic Parables of  Matthew 13 PARABLE BOOKS User 0.136 01-01-2001 English parable.exe parables.htm Spillman, Ernie     Prophecy
Pink, Arthur - Pink Commentaries on John and Hebrews PINK COMM Official 1.9 01-29-2001 English pink.exe   Gallant, Gary (Modifications)        
Platt , Larry - Bible Stories for Children CHILDREN BOOKS User 0.123 09-02-2000 English children.exe   Porter, Mick   Copyrighted material used by permission. Children
Poole, Matthew - New Testament Notes POOLE COMM Official 2.9 02-22-2000 English poole.exe            
Queensland Book V Reader QSL5 Home School Official 4.89 03-25-2000 English qsl5.exe         Dated 1913.  
Revised Apocrypha RAPC TRANS Official 0.481 01-21-2000 English rapc.exe rsv.browse.html          
Revised Standard Version RSV TRANS Official 1.64   English rsv.exe       rsv.txt    
Revised Webster Version RWEBSTER TRANS Official 1.4   English rweb.exe       rwebstr.txt    
Robertson's New Testament Word Pictures RWP COMM Official 2.5 11-22-1999 English rwp.exe index.html          
Rotherham, J. B. - The Emphasized Bible (1902) ROTHRHAM TRANS Official   07-20-2000 English rothrham.exe            
Saint Augustin - Homiles, Tracates, Expositions AUGHOM COMM User 0.239 02-22-2000 English aughom.exe index.html Dixon, Jonathan   This file contains St. Augustin's homilies on 1 John.  His Tracates on John, and Expositions on Psalms will follow at a later date  
Saint Basil's Homilies on Genesis 1 BASIL COMM User 0.09 11-16-2000 English basil.exe index.html Dixon, Jonathan      
Scofield Reference Bible Notes (1917) SCOFIELD COMM Official 0.542 11-16-1999 English scofield.exe            
Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650) PSALTER TRANS User 0.24 08-14-2000 English psalter.exe olbmodule.html Sikkema, Henry A.     This translation is actually in topic format.   
Scripture Names and Meanings SCRIPN DICT User 0.141   English scripn.exe            
Smith's Bible Dictionary SMITHS DICT User 1.48 11-13-1999 English smiths.exe index.html Stock, Kevin; Montgomery, Errol     This is the smaller version without photos.  There is an official larger version.  (80mb)  
Smith, Uriah - Commentary on Daniel and Revelation DRSMITH COMM User   05-30-2000 English drsmith.exe   Mezera, Jeff      
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