Archibald's Consistently good, with nice people.  We've never had a bad meal there.
De Garcias Good food, not so clean. Poor service.
Dinapalis fire house Quaint little restaurant a lot of atmosphere
Dragon Express Very nice, comfortable.  They let you sit and talk.  The food is good, not a huge selection, but decent.  Reasonably priced.  This little place is one of our favorites.  They are just west of Smart and Final on the same side of the street (south.)
Gus Jr They serve free chips and salsa... the trick is getting them!
Gus's Restaurant We go for the free chips, with our dinner, and comfortable booths, but they often need to be asked for chips.  They are nice, though.
La Fondas the best  seafood and mexican food in the high desert
Los Robertos They charge extra for refills of chips? Why? Rude staff forced us to stop going here.
Maggios Wondeful Italian, but salads are not the best, as is their wine selection. Still, a great place for casual dining!
Marcelino's Mexican Restaurant Relaxing, great for business or social dates
Molly's Country Kitchen Excellent service, generous portions
Molly's Country Kitchen Excellent service, generous portions
Molly's Country Kitchen Best mexican food in town. You're going to love the food, price and down home country atmosphere.
Nikki's They always seem slow, no matter when we go, and forget to check on our needs, but the food is excellent. Good for dates.
Nikki's (Apple Valley) They used to be excellent, but for some reason the service and food keeps getting worse and worse.  They used to be generous with bread and refills, but everything has gone to pot.  It finally has gotten to the point, after many years of going there, that we won't go again.  We can't recommend them, especially since there are so many other restaurants in the immediate area.
Oggie's Usually very crowded at prime time, so go early or later.  Excellent pizza!
Royal Coffee House, Jasmine St. Victorville I visited this Coffee House about two weeks ago in the afternoon.  The place was empty, there is no  atmosphere.  What little snacks there were looked awful. The girl on duty was busy watching a soap opera on a TV.  I asked for a cappuccino.  The girl produced a cup of half cold coffee within 30 seconds (obviously old) and tryed to froth a little milk which produced nothing.    I drank a little, she went back to her soap and I left, never to return again.
Taste Buffet We went for lunch, but they charged for dinner.  They took away lunch dishes, so we had less choice.
Taste Buffet We had the same experience. Arrived for lunch, but charged for dinner.  Rude!
The Skillet Great country diner. Closes early, so check hours.
Wood Grill Buffet Hands down the BEST buffet up here!  We've lived here over 30 years and eat out a lot.  Very nice and excellent service.  They offer way more selection than other buffets and the food is tasty, not bland.  My husband and I can not say enough good things about this restaurant.  They're at 14135 Main St, Hesperia, east of the freeway.
Woody's Cocky Bull Worst restraurant in this area. No one showed up about 5min to take us to table, food was over cooked, over priced for foods, price for drinks are reasonable.
Woody's Cocky Bull Unique dinning old west decor, fun for kids
AVG   3.7 4.1 3.9 3.5  

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